Mohawk Distributors was purchased by Charles "Chick" Charnes, William Charnes, and W.T, Vincent in 1961. It was located at 3177 Summer Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee. Shortly after the purchase of Mohawk, another company named Whirlaway was purchased, and it was then incorporated into A.C.C. Rebuilders in December 1962. It then moved to its current location at 853 E. H. Crump Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee on January 22, 1963.

After the death of W. T. Vincent, his portion was retained by William and Chick Charnes. Upon the death of William in 1973, his sons Ernest Clifford and William Larry took over his partnership. When the youngest son, Charles Michael, became of age, he too shared in this partnership. Shortly after the death of William, Chick retired and his son, Ronald Marvin, assumed his share of the partnership.

In 1984, Ernest Clifford died, but Larry and Michael still retain the partnership of William and Ronnie retain the portion from Chick.

ACC has grown from an original five (5) to the current eighteen (18) employees.

ACC handles automotive, agriculture, industrial, foreign, and heavy duty. ACC Rebuilders specializes in Alternators, Clutches, Starters, Industrial Brakes & Bands for the Memphis and the Mid-South.

Changing with the times and keeping abreast of the market is essential to maintaining a company alive and growing. ACC, however, also believes that some things should never go out of style: things such as continuing to strive for perfection in the remanufactured parts business, keeping the cost reasonable for the consumer, and providing the best quality and courteous service possible.

Working toward these goals assure a continued history for ACC Rebuilders, one in which both employees and owners can take pride.